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Posted by pete on July 26th, 2005

This seems to be the first place I’ve read about useless “security” measures outside of security-geek circles. It’s good to see that that non-geek (differently geeked? :) ) folk are starting to realize what a waste of time and effort these things are.

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  1. TheDisneyBlog Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 Says:

    I don’t know what you mean by non-geek. I’ve been nerding around on, as our dear president says, “The Internets” since 1991. Disney nerds are still geeky. We just chose to geek out on the various permutations of Walt Disney’s vision instead of C++ or Ruby on Rails.

    The only real use of those security check points is to keep glass bottles and alchohol out of the parks. Going to the Disney Theme Park properties as frequently as I, and many other Disneynerds do, is an act of faith and nose-thumbing against terrorism. We know we’re visiting a prime target, but we won’t let that affect our love for the product.

    Thanks for the link!


  2. pete Fedora Linux Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 Says:

    Ya got me by a year. I’ve been workin’ on the Internets all the… well, since late ‘92.

    I’m not denying Disney geeks their geek cred, they are just differently geeked. I guess my “non-geek” was more implied to be “non-security-geek”. And, hey, I’m a Disney geek too. Why else would I visit once or twice a year, be a DVC member, and read Disney geek Blogs? :)

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