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Well, Look at That

Posted by pete on 13th April 2008

On Stage

Looks like the DCist likes a picture of mine. I’m pleased that they liked it, but it would have been cool if they added a note to the picture on Flickr, which is how they got it. Still, it’s nice to be surprised by seeing my own picture pop up. Thanks, DCist.

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Posted by pete on 10th August 2007

On a happier note, I just noticed (a month late) that Wired has used one of my pictures in a blog post of theirs. Woot! This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of my pictures used for anything other than display on my Flickr page.

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Posted by pete on 20th October 2006

This is just too funny…
 Aaronandpatty Iweb What-The-Duck Comic-Strips 7A074Ac0-6B8E-48Ef-B828-Ffc8Aa6F2Aff Files Wtd68

Looks like we found this year’s Halloween costume. ;)

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Posted by pete on 30th October 2004

photoSIG Good stuff.

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