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Well, Look at That

Posted by pete on 13th April 2008

On Stage

Looks like the DCist likes a picture of mine. I’m pleased that they liked it, but it would have been cool if they added a note to the picture on Flickr, which is how they got it. Still, it’s nice to be surprised by seeing my own picture pop up. Thanks, DCist.

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Oooo, Purty

Posted by pete on 30th December 2006

Panorama, originally uploaded by sigsegv.

I finally got around to processing and uploading my pics from the New York City photography workshop I went to on the 17th. The full set is here.

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Mmmmm, Cookie

Posted by pete on 29th October 2005


originally uploaded by sigsegv.

Grandma T sent G some cookies for Halloween.

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Cthulhu Kids First License Plate

Posted by pete on 5th September 2005

Cthulhu License Plate

Cthulhu License Plate,
originally uploaded by sigsegv.

Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?

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The Littlest Greeter

Posted by pete on 29th August 2005

The Littlest Greeter

The Littlest Greeter,
originally uploaded by sigsegv.

This past Saturday, we went to our friends’ Jen and Matt’s wedding. It was a nice affair (Hmmm, maybe the wrong word to use ;) , but G could have been better behaved. In her defense though, the reception was very late and the food and dancing happened surprisingly late, after the reception started. She didn’t get much sleep during her nap — poopie emergency — and because we thought the food would start soon after the reception started, we didn’t feed her much beforehand. Since Lisa had Matron-of-Honor duties to fufill, I wound up watching (and diciplining) the small one. Welcome to the only photo of the wedding itself that I got. At least it’s pretty decent. It’s too bad G’s meltdown happened before the dancing started.

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G and the Ice Cream Clown

Posted by pete on 22nd August 2005

Ice Cream Clown

Ice Cream Clown,
originally uploaded by sigsegv.

Here’s a pic of G from her Ciocia Karen’s wedding. I just posted a few pictures from her wedding (only took a few), but they turned out pretty well. This is the only Gracie picture though.

BTW, I’m testing out Flickr to see how I like it. Please drop me a note if you have a comment about it, good or bad.

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