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Sun Blotted Out?

Posted by pete on 21st July 2007

If you noticed the sun get blotted out, a frost fall over the land, or darkness everywhere, even during the day, don’t worry. It was only Cheney taking over the presidency while Bush had a colonoscopy.

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At Least He Didn’t Have a Bottle of Water With Him

Posted by pete on 20th December 2006

I read about this on Bruce Schneir’s blog. Unbelievable.

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My Thoughts on the Midterm Elections

Posted by pete on 3rd November 2006

iTunes party shuffle just popped up this wonderful track. It’s “Capitol Hill” by Truckstop Honeymoon. It perfectly frames my thoughts on this year’s elections.

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Well Said

Posted by pete on 4th September 2006


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Whatcha’ Doin’?

Posted by pete on 21st May 2006

I’ve always had a hard time explaining why this stepped up government surveillance is bad and wrong. When it became known that Bush directed the NSA to snoop on domestic calls, I was really surprised that a lot of people (initially about 67%, but now more around 50%) mostly thought the trade off of privacy for security was worth it. “I have nothing to hide.”

I’ve never been good at debating and persuasive writing, but I like how Bruce Schneier puts it. Maybe, with time, most people will see the problem with what Bush is doing. Maybe they’ll see that the damage he’s doing to our country, our way of life, our standing in the world, and our freedoms is much greater than what any terrorist attack can directly hope accomplish.

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What’s Wrong Here?

Posted by pete on 18th January 2006

Here is a quote from a CNN article. It’s about Clarence Ray Allen, who was executed in California last night. It’s in response to Allen’s DNR request, a few months ago.

‘At no point are we not going to value the sanctity of life,” said prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon. “We would resuscitate him,” then execute him.’

Can anyone spot the problem with this?

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Can We Go Now?

Posted by pete on 8th December 2005

I never supported the war in Iraq. I always thought it was unjustified and that the Bush administration was using WMD as a convenient excuse, but I was willing to give the politicians the benefit of the doubt. After all, I didn’t have access to the classified and secret information that they did. I really — quite possibly, naively — thought that for something as important as giving the president the permission to take the country to war, our Congress-folk would rise above politics and vote the right way. Since they voted for war, I hesitantly agreed that we must need to go, even though I hoped we would do it in a multilateral way. As more and more our allies slipped away from supporting a “sooner, rather than later” invasion of Iraq, my doubts about the intentions of our Congress and our president grew. Didn’t they have access to most of the same classified data our government did? If they can’t support an invasion, then maybe it’s not even a lay-up, let alone a slam dunk?

After we invaded and found no WMD, it only strengthened my belief that this was illegitimate. Watching the Bush administration flip through new excuses for the invasion would have been comical if wasn’t for what they were trying to excuse. I have no idea what the real reason for the invasion is and probably never will know, but I cannot believe it is anything they are shoveling to us. I do remember the says after Bush v. Gore was decided and the Bush transition team came in with a compressed timeline. One things that stuck out to me even then was their (and especially Cheney’s) heightened interest in Iraq. I believe that 9/11, WMD, “Freeing the Iraqis”, “Bringing the fight to the terrorists”, etc., are all a smoke screen for whatever was driving them in early January, 2000.

That said, I’ve had a big problem with those who have called for us to leave and to leave quickly. We made this mess, we need to stay and clean it up. I had not read anything that convinced me that Iraq would be better off if we cut and run instead of staying to the end. That is, until today. If what this guy says about Iraqi attitudes toward each other and what’s driving them is true, then it really makes sense for us to get out sooner than later.

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A Fountain of Nonsense

Posted by pete on 1st November 2005

This rocks. It comes to us from Crossroads Films. Bush really can’t be as stupid as he sounds. Right? Right?

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Posted by pete on 28th June 2005

Not ““, which is a wonderfully different beast, but deliciously funny. :)

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Potheads from Canada…

Posted by pete on 3rd December 2004

…bringin’ down the whole US of A. ;)

The Drug War Toll Mounts

When will we, as a country, have the political nerve to actually say that this isn’t working and look to a different solution? I have the feeling that it won’t be in our lifetimes, especially with the current Red State preponderance.

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We Can Only Hope!

Posted by pete on 18th November 2004

This looks interesting, but would probably just lead to a suplus in Canadian bacon

Of course, the chances are slim to none, but it’d be well deserved and fun to watch.

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Posted by pete on 3rd November 2004


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The Moral Choice?

Posted by pete on 3rd November 2004

I heard one exit poll that said that for voters where morals were the primary reason for chosing a candidate, they chose Bush.



Really? Sure, he talks about his faith, but what about his actions? Iraq? His administration’s constant attempts at raping the environment? His screwing American citizens for the profit of drug and oil companies? A pattern of hiding the actions of his administration? Morals?!?!

Please. Is the American electorate really that stupid?

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100 Cups of Coffee

Posted by pete on 3rd November 2004

With respect to the speed of this election resolving. (For my Futurama-ignorant friends.)

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The Good Side?

Posted by pete on 3rd November 2004

As one of my cow-orkers suggested, the good side of Bush winning (if he wins) would be that he’d be stuck with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess he made in Iraq.

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Slow Speed Car Wreck?

Posted by pete on 3rd November 2004

It’s starting to look like I’m watching a slow-speed car crash. The election’s steadly slipping away from Kerry. I just don’t understand how thinking people can vote for Bush. There’s the normal laundry-list of his failings… Iraq, the economy, terrorism (I believe he’s made us less secure), tool of big-oil/industry, power-grabbing, closed administration, civil liberties, and international good will. He’s ruined America in the world and he’s ruining it for our future. He stands up there, talks like an idiot, shows some bravado, and the average citizen eats it up, even as he’s f-bombing them over in the pocketbook and sending in the FBI to search their house for evidence of thought crimes, soothing them with the words, “Trust me,” providing no evidence to the contrary. Come on people, he’s lying to you!

Don’t even get me started on Congress…

What’s wrong with these people? Doesn’t intelligence and reality matter over stubborn determinism and denial? Even when it’s obvious that Bush is only slightly smarter than a rock? *sigh*

It’s scary to think about what Bush might try to ram through Congress this next term without having to worry about re-election.

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The Votemaster

Posted by pete on 1st November 2004

The Votemaster FAQ
Who are You?

So it would seem that the “votemaster” is none other than Andrew Tanenbaum. All my comp-sci peeps know who I’m taking about.

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