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…And Then There Was One.

Posted by pete on 30th May 2005

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Well, except for the fact that we found Jake dead. This was a complete surprise. He wasn’t sick — as far as we knew — and he wasn’t that old; he would have turned ten this Thursday (6/2). We found him laying on his back, belly up, in his “Come pet my belly” position. Everything looked perfectly normal, except for the part about him not breathing. I have no idea what happened, but I hope it was quick.

Aside from the sadness and shock of losing him so quickly and unexpectedly, this was probably the best way for him to go. At least it was from our perspective and hopefully from his too. There was no long, drawn out sickness or age-related deterioration. There were no “Should we have him put down?” or “How much are we willing to pay?”-type questions. There was no guilt like we felt when Kismet died. At least, the guilt was nowhere near that magnatude. I think we both feel a bit guilty about not being able to remember the last time we saw him alive and the fact that, because we had been running about a lot the past couple of days, he might have died Saturday or even Friday and we just didn’t notice.

I’m sad, sure, but he was a good boy. He was very well loved and he seemed to be a wonderfully happy cat. I will miss his thundering purr and enthusiastic friendliness. I hope his (biological) sister, Colette, will be okay with being an only cat for the first time in her almost-ten years.

Here’s to you, Bubba. We’re going to miss you terribly.

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Hotsync + Bluetooth + Linux

Posted by pete on 2nd May 2005

Lisa decided to get a Tungsten E2 yesterday. It has Bluetooth and I told her that it could sync via BT to her Powerbook. It was at that point that I reminded myself that I’ve never done that and I’m not sure if you can do that. So, today, I did some research and found this page. It was a great step-by-step introduction to using BT to sync and get IP connectivity. My only minor complaint is that it didn’t mention that I need to change the “Modem Sync Prefs” over to Network from Direct to do the Hotsyncing.

I’m still not sure how to sync via BT with an OS X box, but at least I know that it can be done.

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Dandilions and Kids

Posted by pete on 2nd May 2005

After being outside with my 2 1/2 year-old daughter a lot this spring, I think that kids are the major method of dandilion seed dispersal.

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