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Street Cred? What’s That?

Posted by pete on 30th November 2005

Grumpy posted something about losing this “street cred” if heard “singing contemporary folk songs aloud” unless you have a “Street Cred Protector®”, such as his new model or my slightly older model. All I can say is, you don’t know anything about losing street cred until you sing one of these songs aloud, not to your Street Cred Protector®, but to a cow-orker, which is just what I did today with Raffi’s Banana Phone.

BTW, interesting side note: Searching Google for “banana phone raffi” leads to some interesting results and that’s just the start. Now, I need to go apply drill to head as this song is stickier than that old favorite, “It’s a Small World” (and no, I’ll be kind and not link to anything; the suggestion was enough.) ;)

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We Have a Winner

Posted by pete on 27th November 2005

Sony-Ericsson z520a

My new phone

A couple months ago, I wrote about trying to find a new cell phone. While the urgency did wear off, I never did stop looking. Last week, I was flipping through the massive Cingular insert in Maximum PC and saw it there…. It had everything I was looking for. It’s the Nokia N-Gage. Heh… nooooo. It’s the Sony-Ericsson z520a. It’s not quite as geeky fun as the Nokia 6682 would have been with it’s Symbian OS and EDGE data connectivity, but the z520a is at least currently available. (The Cingular 6682 had some stability issues and was temporarily yanked until — I’ve read — mid-December.) The extra bonus is that the z520a is about 1/3 the cost of the 6682.

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An Example of Why Being a Lefty Somtimes Sucks

Posted by pete on 21st November 2005

Ever since my Palm T3 died and had to be replaced out of warranty to the tune of about $125, I’ve been looking at PDAs that I could replace my T3 with. For what it’s worth, I mostly love my T3, but as far as I can tell, Palm’s no longer making it and fixing it is getting to be painful.

One of the devices I’ve eyed has been the Nokia 770. Until today, I didn’t know that it went on sale in the US last week. I’ve been quite intrigued by it’s design and the fact that it’s an open platform that Nokia’s actively promoting to open source developers. Still, I had similar thoughts about the Zaurus and I’m glad I never bought into that.

Unfortunately, regardless of my need, I think using the 770 would be really annoying for lefties. If you look at its design you’ll see the hard buttons and rocker on the left front along with other buttons on the left side of the top of the device. Heck, even look at the Flash animations. You’ll see that they did not consider left-handed people when designing this device.

As a lefty, I’ve gotten used to being ignored when it comes to device design. It’s rare that I find a lefty-specific design. I understand why this is, as lefties are in the minority — I’ve seen estimates of lefties being 10 – 20% of the population — and we’re a pretty adaptable bunch, but when something hand held and focused on writing is designed with obviously no lefty testing done, that really pisses me off.

How can a lefty use this device? I thought about rotating it 180 degrees about the Z axis. This way, I should be able to hold the device in my right hand, but it’d be near impossible to access the top (and now bottom) buttons. That’s also assuming that the device supports flipping the image.

I guess I could also hold the device with my right hand supporting the back, instead of along the edge and just deal with no easy button access. It’s not the first time I’d have to make a compromise like this, but it’s very annoying.

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A Fountain of Nonsense

Posted by pete on 1st November 2005

This rocks. It comes to us from Crossroads Films. Bush really can’t be as stupid as he sounds. Right? Right?

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