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SELinux and FC5

Posted by pete on 22nd March 2006

Argh! It looks like FC5 changed how you administer your SELinux configuration, completely messing with the SELinux workflow I developed way back in FC4. Dag nabbit. Now I have to learn this new system before I can debug configuration issues in Apache and, no, Dave, I won’t turn it off.

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Udev, Tungsten|T3, and Fedora Core 5

Posted by pete on 22nd March 2006

It seems that every time I upgrade/install FC on a workstation or laptop, I have to fight this battle. Really, it’s only a small skirmish, but it’s annoying. Here’s the lastest “solution” for FC5. I created /etc/udev/rules.d/10-palm.rules with the following in it.

KERNEL==”ttyUSB[02468]“, SYSFS{product}==”Palm Handheld*”, NAME=”%k”, GROUP=”uucp”, MODE=”0660″, OPTIONS=”last_rule”

KERNEL==”ttyUSB[13579]“, SYSFS{product}==”Palm Handheld*”, NAME=”%k”, GROUP=”uucp”, MODE=”0660″, SYMLINK=”pilot”

These rules should ensure that /dev/pilot only points to the odd ttyUSB device created by the T3 when the hotsync button is pressed. Otherwise, /dev/pilot only seems to point to the odd device about 1/2 the time and the even device the other half.

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Posted by pete on 12th March 2006


originally uploaded by sigsegv.

Well, the layoff went well. I had posted that I thought I’d feel a bit bad about leaving, but I didn’t. I honestly can say that I felt happy the entire time. The worst part of it was saying goodbye to my cow-orkers, but even that wasn’t bad. I hope all my layoffs go that well.

There I was, all nekkid without any corporate-provided mobile computing, so I went from being walked out of the office to picking up a MacBook. It’s a sweet machine, but I’m not 100% sure it’s for me yet. I have to give it some time though. At least Lis and I got a nice shot of us together with the built-in video.

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Today’s the Day

Posted by pete on 10th March 2006

Today’s the day I get fired. In just over two hours, Billy, the HR manager in my building — a very nice, friendly man who I truly believe really does care about most of the people he is working for, but who would always scare the crap out of me whenever he’d show up at my office door unannounced — comes into my office and tosses me out on my butt. Well, OK, it’s probably not quite like that — I’ve never been let go before, so what do I know ;) — but I’m sure it’ll be kind of surreal.

I’m not really worried about things. I’ve got a new job lined up and had plenty of interest, especially in these past couple weeks. I feel good about that, but I’m sure my ego will take a bit of a hit, although I really have no reason to feel this way.

Oh well. Time to clean up and then it’s once more into the breech.


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Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss.

Posted by pete on 8th March 2006

Well, yesterday I verbally (email-ly?) accepted a job with SunRocket. The cool thing about it — aside from it being a cool company doing cool things with a cool technology (I think i hit cool.max()) — is that I’ll be working with my old boss from PSINet days (maybe the Wayback machine will be working when you try it, it wasn’t when I did, but it did a couple days ago) and at least one other PSINet flunky.

Sweet. (/gracie “Dude”)

I initially thought about starting next Monday, the 13th, but decided that I really did want a few days to unwind from VeriSign. After talking with their head of HR, it was decided that I’ll take a week off and start on Monday, the 20th.

Now, I need to go off and learn something about VOIP. ;)

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