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Simple Pleasures

Posted by pete on 30th June 2006

Yesterday, I found out how to get to use anti-aliased fonts. Finally, pretty fonts and no more slow, crashing, you’re-fired iTerm.

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Freshly Washed and Dried Clothes

Posted by pete on 20th June 2006

I love having nicely cleaned clothes. I hate having a nicely cleaned memory stick. Yesterday morning, I noticed that my memory stick was missing. Looked around quickly and couldn’t find it. I figured I’d check around later. A couple hours later, I get a call from Lis, asking if I forgot something. She then proceeded to tell me that she found my SanDisk Cruzer Mini in the drier — after the load was done. Ummmm… Not good. I asked her to leave it on my desk. I figured I’d check it out when I got home. Well, it turns out that the (at least my) Cruzer Mini can withstand a trip through the dual terrors of the washing machine and the drier. Good show, SanDisk.

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Arrrrgh, Dave

Posted by pete on 11th June 2006

This past Friday, I was asking Dave if he had updated the Firefox and/or Thunderbird toolkit.jar files for the new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird (or, mayhaps, DeerPark). Alas, he had not. Being the devious one that he is, he knew my susceptibility to suggestion and struck. He suggested that it would be nice if someone wrote a script to add these things. Arrrrgh! Freaking Dave. Then, to tighten the screws just a bit more, he suggested that it be written in Python. (I have been bitching for the past few weeks about how I’ve been forced to do a project in Perl and about how much quicker it could be done in Python.)

Well, with most of my free time this weekend gone, here’s the result. Please note, it’s only for OS X.

[UPDATE] Ooops, I posed to a Camino forum about this and it didn’t support Camino. D’oh! I’ve updated the script to cover this transparently.

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Karma’s a Bitch

Posted by pete on 9th June 2006

Remember me gloating about getting tickets to the Yankee game against the Nats for Father’s day? Well, Karma came along and backhanded me. Karen was not able to get the tickets. It’d have been nice if she told us when she found out, but, oh well, what are you going to do? At least I’ll get to spend more time with G that day.


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Posted by pete on 3rd June 2006

Well, they’re home now and I feel better. I think that I probably would have enjoyed myself more had I actually had the time to do anything, but I’m in the middle of a high-priority project with a rather aggressive deadline. I’ve worked every day since May 21st and will probably be working every day until the 10th and that’s only if we actually do hit our targets.

Oh well, at least my family is back.

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