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Posted by pete on 27th May 2007

Finally got my first ride in today. It’s been a loooong time since I was out on the trails. They’ve done a lot of work over at Wakefield since then. I rode some of it today, but I was taking it easy and my allergies were not, so didn’t get to all the new stuff yet. I hope to get out a time or two more this coming week (depending on how quickly I can do my laundry :) ) and check out the rest of it.

So far, I feel pretty good. We’ll see what pain tomorrow brings, though.

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That Was Easy

Posted by pete on 26th May 2007

The Wordpress 2.1.3 -> 2.2 upgrade was pretty easy. All done.

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Gee, That Was Quick

Posted by pete on 26th May 2007

Last Wednesday, I finally got around to getting time for a ride. I got home fairly early and started getting ready right away. As I was getting into some riding clothes, G found out I as leaving shortly and started crying. After talking with Lis a bit, we all decided to head to Wakefield, where G will play while Lis watches her and I’ll ride. Now, time was running short, so we hurriedly gathered our stuff and headed out to Wakefield.

We slowly made our way through traffic and I tried to get into a good state of mind for riding. I’m always nervous before my first few rides of the year, but I was eager to ride. When we got there, Lis and G headed straight for the nearby playground. I went around to the back of the truck, got my bike down, then started putting on my shoes. Left foot… front strap… done… middle strap… done… top strap… snap! Crap! What the heck? The clip that holds the strap to the other side of the shoe broke. Hmmm… Well, the other two straps are holding pretty well. I guess I can just fold the strap back and left it flap loose.

OK…. Next…. Helmet…. Helmet? Awwww, crap. Forgot the helmet.

Well, game over. I can ride with a broken shoe, but not without a helmet. Turns out I also forgot my gloves and a wipe-down towel for after the ride.

G played for a few more minutes at the playground, then we wandered around “exploring” for a while, then headed home.

Maybe I can get my first ride in sometime soon. Just gotta see about getting some new shoes first.

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