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One Week With An iPhone 3G

Posted by pete on 21st July 2008

Last Tuesday, I got an iPhone 3G through work to replace my Motorola Q9h. Overall, I’m very happy with it. My biggest complaint would be the battery life. I could do a few more things to squeeze out some more minutes, but because I can usually tether it to my laptop somewhere, it’s not _that_ big of a deal. There are a couple other minor issues: some of the third party apps are a bit crashier than I would like and nobody seems to have a good SSH or network utility app, but I’m sure both of these will work out in a bit.

Even better is the fact that Gracie can use it too. She’ll ask if she can watch a movie or play a game on it and off she’ll go with it. This _never_ could have happened with the Q.


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