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I (Will) Have Power!

Posted by pete on 5th August 2008

I’ve been having issues getting a car charger for my 3G iPhone. Turns out, once I did some research, this is a known issue. Score one for the “careful, planned purchasing” approach. Anyway, in my research, I found this blog post. My main problem was not getting enough juice to the device, it was stopping the buzzing. Apparently, the iPhone isn’t shielded correctly and when the car charger and the headphone out / auxiliary input to my stereo are both plugged in, terrible noises abound. According to Carl’s post and other reviews I’ve found online, the Griffin Autopilot should fix that problem. As an added benefit, there’ll be fewer cable to connect to the iPhone and I’ll have external controls, which should make life a bit easier.

Now, to find one in the area that’s not too freaking expensive.

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